Our story

Our company

COA Network is a customer-focused, innovative company. We work hand-in-hand with both large and small private and public sector organizations to develop some of the world's most robust, scalable, secure and easy to use applications. Our end-to-end solutions enable companies to focus their resources on developing revenue streams and new markets. We supply the tools to manage, maintain and expand across markets, enabling businesses to grow with secure and reliable technologies.

Because our applications are developed and maintained in-house, we are able to provide customized versions to meet our clients' requirements. Many of our larger clients have implemented custom, private-labeled versions of our products and services.

We take our customer's needs and expectations very seriously. Our advanced architecture provides the highest level of reliability and redundancy. Our data center is entirely cloud-based, using the latest technology from Amazon Web Services, with redundant stand-by systems set up for mission-critical components. In the event of natural disaster or major failure, the redundant systems will take over and continue running our entire operations. This extra measure is in addition to the redundancy and disaster recovery mechanisms offered by AWS.